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Accomplishing Life's Most Pedestrian Of Achievements

Well, Im still a live. Slightly bruised for a weekend of drunken silliness. Almost everything is taking shape for a great summer.
This weekend I am going to camp to chillax and drink a few too many beers.
Im going to Gatlinberg at the end of this month for a four day drunkfest with some fun pub folks and sexy friends. That should be a great time.
Other shit:
Im starting to almost tolerate the monotony of my job. The trick is to do complicated thinking while keeping my eyes off the clock. "Life is one big question when yopu are starring at the clock" - thanks Sublime. Added to the monotony my bosses seem happy with my work and compliment me on the job I do. I dont know how to feel about that. I cant stand compliments because I dont know if they are sincere and they tend to make me complacent.
I got to heard form some great people this past weekend. Its good to catch up and talk to them. I know im a douche and try to stay busy but I will make some time for those whom were kind enough to send their love.

Well Im done.

Bronson Arroyo Forever! Willy Mo Never!
Go Reds!

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