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Baby Dont You Sign That Paper Tonight!

Well, Im back on lj. It has been a dismal abscence. Myspace is truly for the prepubescent, I got finger-banged by Johnny football star, mindless, scum of america. Its hard to think I got caught up in the social comformity.

Anyways, I have a few things on my mind. I know no one reads this blog anymore so it really doesnt matter, but I need an outlet.

Somehow I grew up. I dont know how, when or why. Suddenly, life became this all consuming force that I cant control, I dont understand, and has me worried. Friends are becoming or are parents. There are issues with the law. My hangouts have become increasingly boring. I have no motivation, other than finishing school. My fear, however, is when I finish school I will be less functional as a free thinker, my mind might be warped to "The Man" thinking, which, at this time as me very aggrivated and rebellious.

With all I have gained, all I have lost over the last 10 yrs, I would give it up for one memory. Few people know this feeling, but those who do, I think it would make them cry how simple and pleasant things were back then. This memory of course is any given Friday or saturday at Jessica Tillery's grandma's house. Hidden in the back room listening to Sublime or Hendrix smoking cigarettes and drinking Mad Dog 20/20.

Life was so simple back then. $2.59 bought you a pint of janck ass booze to get you shitfaced. The light was harsh but comforting. The tunes never got old ( I still do the "shiver" move when I hear Hendrix's "All Along the Watchtower"). And the conversations were so sporadic yet simple you could pick up add you two cents and possibly through in a line that would become the motto for the gathering. A time when we discussed making love to Led Zepplin. Getting our nipples pierced by polyniesians (sp?). Getting god awful tattoos we would regret when we hit forty. When we had a plan to take over Cuba, just so we could make them capitalist and have an island for our party. Those were the days cold floors and warm booze.

Now, we are all old, we hardly stay in contact. Personal differences, lovers querrels, or misunderstandings have kept us apart. Added to that the times are changing. Big Brother has come and he wont let go of the leash.

So long sweet youth.
Hello life.

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