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Another Day Another Headache

There is always that one day when shit hits the fan, right? How come it seems like its everyday for me?
The one thing I enjoyed most about being in Michigan was the fact I got only one call, one call, and that was a friend wanting to know (and forgot i was in Michigan)if i was going to the pub. That was nice. I need another vacation and when i take it I AM NOT TAKING MY CELLPHONE! I am so tired of dealing with everything. I dont know if I am being too nice or just too concerned about everyone. I need to be self absorbed for one day. One day where I can honestly say,"I dont suck at life!"I almost felt that way this weekend. I was away, I didnt have to face reality, I could say what I wanted to say and not fell retribution for my words or actions. It was good times with good people.

I am so irate lately. I feel i am pissing everyone off with each passing moment. Well yoo know what? I DONT CARE. Just about everyone bores the hell out of me. Iam still a kid i dont want to deal with these responsibilities anymore. I want to live and not just go through the fucking motions. I feel Ive been doing that too long, worried about whose toes I might step on, Im tired of it.

Another fork in the road,
so many ways I can go,
But I will stay here alone,
One day a path will close,

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